VisionRF is a remote monitoring device that detects the respiration and heart rate of users remotely, without requiring wearable sensors or wires.

VisionRF is a unique radar-based device that is placed on the wall, ceiling, or near a bed and detects the physical contractions of the lungs and the heart, as well as body motions, with unprecedented accuracy.

Carers receive on their mobile device real-time measurements, through a secure connection.

Powerful machine learning algorithms notify them if any unusual pattern is detected.

Why Vision RF?


Our mission is to improve the quality of life of people and health carers by changing the way health care is delivered today.

Privacy First

Vision RF respects your privacy; we don’t use cameras or microphones. We only use our unique radar-based device for monitoring.

Available 24/7

Vision RF’s monitoring is available 24/7, 365 days a year ensuring you have peace of mind everyday with access via your smartphone.

Mobility Focused

Vision RF doesn’t use wearables which maximises your mobility. In addition, our solution does not require charging, disinfecting or setup for every user

Critical Alerts

Provides peace of mind by notifying carers about unusual heart rate, breathing, body posture, falls and possible injury

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The Future of Remote Patient Monitoring

Vital signs are the primary assessors of a person’s health. When monitored regularly and over long periods, they can predict and prevent health issues, indicate injuries and feelings, and even detect cardiac arrhythmias.

Traditional vital sign monitoring methods often require bulky and expensive equipment, direct contact with the user, and regular charging. These can be challenging, particularly when monitoring new-borns, the elderly, or burn victims, making continuous and remote at home monitoring difficult.

Meet VisionRF

VisionRF is a device that monitors respiration and heartbeat from a distance and provides a robust assessment of a person’s health.

From new-born babies to people with Alzheimer’s and care givers looking to remotely monitor the health of people easier.

VisionRF can be mounted on the ceiling to monitor respiration and heartbeat from a distance without any wearable sensors or wires that limit mobility.

Our technology tracks a person’s chest and heart movement with unprecedented accuracy, providing new types of data that could revolutionize how care is provided to millions of people.

Easily Keep Track

With VisionRF, doctors and family members can easily stay updated on the health status of their loved ones through their smartphones.

By using the mobile application, it is easy to set personalised limits, receive alarms and notifications when irregular values are detected.

Our Story

Inspired by real life events and stories from our friends and families of people with Dementia and new-borns, VisionRF was initially funded by a European H2020 Marie-Skłodowska Curie Individual Reintegration Fellowship and co-supported by Heriot-Watt University. After 2 years of technical developments, the very promising results led us to make efforts to bring VisionRF to people’s homes. VisionRF participated in the Data Driven Innovation Venture Builder Incubator supported by the University of Edinburgh, Lean Launch programme by NxNW (Innovate UK), and was a finalist in the KickStart Converge Challenge. Additional funding was awarded through the Scottish Enterprise High Growth Spin-Out Programme and short-term support was received from the UKRI ICURe programme and the EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account.


Meet the VisionRF Team

Panagiota Kontou

Souheil Ben Smida

Dimitris Anagnostou

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If you look after people at home, manage a nursing home or work in a medical profession and would like to learn more about VisionRF, please complete the contact form and a member of our team will respond as soon as possible.